Introduction to Innovative Solutions for Box

ABBYYInnovations for Box

In this series of solutions we will document several innovate solutions for Box that bring unique value or compliment Box’s highly-secure document collaboration service.  Our intention is to inspire creative thinking about all the great possibilities around using the Box platform.  Some solutions will use existing capabilities of various piece-parts from different vendors that when put together and configured properly, form a solution.  While with others that we will describe, the solution would require some additional integration work such as creating Web Services connectivity, primarily.  However, even when some additional integration work is required the goal of these solutions is that most of the solution is already realized and we want to avoid long development times or costly integration fees by introducing too much complication.  We will not cover every single step in the configuration process but we will still be thorough.  Software installation will not be covered, it will be assumed.  Just like the Box experience we strive to offer a great user experience that is highly-effective to enhance productivity in your professional and personal life.

We have created a schedule of proposed solutions to share with you however, your input is what is of most importance to us, and therefore we are flexible to modify our schedule.  If there is something specific you would like to see documented, or if there is a solution idea you would like to suggest, then please contact us and we can consider creating something custom.  We’d love to hear from you!


Innovations for Box (click link below for more information)

  1. File Conversion for Box
  2. Image Import with Cloud Conversion for Box
  3. ERP with Automatic Data Capture for Box
  4. SharePoint with Automatic Data Capture and two-way syncing for Box
  5. High-Volume Scanning and Conversion with WebDAV upload for Box
  6. Exploiting Big Data with Indexes for Box
  7. Mobile with Automatic Data Capture for Box
  8. Systems of Record and High Collaboration for Box
  9. ABBYYForce for Box

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