We hate wasted labor!  Manual Data Entry is absolutely wasted labor.  Think about all the time that is wasted entering data into computer systems by keying in the information instead of using modern technology.

There must certainly be better methods to capture information into these systems with the great advances in technology?  That’s exactly why No Manual Data was born.

Our goal is plain, simple and straight-forward.  We want to share concepts and ideas that allow organizations to be more efficient around the huge problem of Manual Data Entry.  The intention of this web site is not to advocate replacing human labor with machines, but rather have humans do what they should do best.  Things such as a doctor being a compassionate care-giver instead of a data entry clerk.  Or an accountant analyzing the business finances instead of keying-in invoice data.

Through education and use of modern advanced technology, we feel that organizations of all sizes, and even individuals in their own lives, can be greatly enriched for the good of everyone.

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    • ICR, or Intelligent Character Recognition, which is reading of hand-printed characters by a computer for those who might not be familiar with the acronym or technology, is absolutely a useful tool to eliminate, or at least reduce Manual Data Entry! Thanks for the comment Rich and please check back often!

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