Mobile with Automatic Data Capture for Box

Use Case:  Mobile devices continue to proliferate among users all over the world at an astonishing rate.  While the benefits of ‘consuming’ information and content on mobile is rather obvious these days, these devices offer other fantastic opportunities to take advantage of the technology.  Specifically, the ability to ‘capture’ from camera-enabled devices, instead of just ‘consume’, information from these devices.  Applications such as Field Service technicians capturing items such as work order signatures, accepting and processing checks for deposit or collecting invoices, all in the field, produce great efficiencies by these workers.  Or in the case of long haul truck drivers that can collect bills of lading, trip sheets, scale tickets or vehicle expense receipts and process them while still on-the-road instead of waiting to get back to a computer somewhere all helps to reduce costs and help with positive cash flow in your business process.

However, for our particular use case we will use the example of a traveling salesperson.  They travel to a customer site to finalize a deal.  A new person is introduced into the mix and this will be the main contact for all account for all matters, so they naturally introduce themselves and hand you a business card.  Additionally, they sign the contract, they also sign the non-disclosure agreement and your organization requires that they provide an authorized signature on the written proposal itself.  Great, congratulations!  But not so fast, you cannot begin the delivery process on your goods and services until all the information is entered into your corporate system.  Traditionally, you could not kick-off the delivery process until you return to the office possibly days later.  Fortunately for you, and your organization, you are innovative and have decided to supply your sales team with mobile applications tools such as ABBYY Business Card Reader for Salesforce and ABBYY FineScanner for Box.  So, all you do is snap a photo of the business card then all the fields on the on the card such as Name, Title, Company and E-mail address are automatically extracted with ABBYY Business Card Reader then, if necessary you can correct any information, and then finally you can send it directly into  For all the supporting documents such as the contract, NDA and signature on the proposal you would simply use the ABBYY FineScanner for Box mobile application to capture a collection of all these related documents then send them directly into Box.  Now, in the matter of a minutes, you have created the new contact within Salesforce and supplied all the items necessary to start the delivery process and have barely even left your customers office!

Features Benefits
  • Remote deposit capture
  • Sales enablement
  • Capturing data in real-time
  • Capture check images to immediate receive payment
  • Capture a signed contract to kick-off a delivery process
  • Better adherence to policy and compliance

Solution Description:   We will use two pre-built mobile applications for specific use cases to create an efficiency producing solution.  For the business card we will use the mobile ABBYY Business Card Reader for Salesforce.  This application allows users to take a photo of a business card and the technology performs Optical Character Recognition to extract all the business card data.  Then the user can upload directly into Salesforce.  Next, for all the other related documents to this account, we use ABBYY FineScanner for Box to capture a collection of documents without having to go through the tedious task of capture, then upload, capture then upload and so on.  For additional functionality or customization of mobile capture solutions the ABBYY Mobile Data Capture Solution (MCDS) provides for the highest-level of classification and extraction technology.

System Requirements:

Note:  This is an integrated solution using Box Embed functionality.  This solution does not involve any difficult software development efforts, rather a Salesforce administrator can just literally copy and paste a few lines of code and have this capability available nearly immediately.

  1. Box account and Box Embed integration
  2. ABBYY Business Card Reader (BCR)  for Salesforce and ABBYY FineScanner for Box … or ABBYY Mobile Data Capture Solution (MDCS)
  3. Smart phone with camera


Configuration Steps (Complexity = Simple):

  1. Install ABBYY Business Card Reader for Salesforce and ABBYY FineScanner for Box on your mobile device
  2. Configure both applications to connect to their respective destinations ( and  Include the Box Embed HTML code in your destination application (i.e. or NetSuite, etc.)
  3. For Business Card, take a photo of the business card with BCR, validate the extracted results and then save into Salesforce
  4. For the other related items, take photos all the documents using the Batch Mode function and any tags your wish then Send to Box
  5. Login into Salesforce to view the new contact and also the corresponding documents securely stored in Box


Associated screen prints on this solution:

1. Box Embed copy and paste code

2. ABBYY Business Card Reader (BCR)

3. ABBYY FineScanner for Box ‘Batch Mode’ for multiple image upload at once

4. Add tags

5. Save and send to Box

6. Business Card details saved in Salesforce and associated images stored in Box seamlessly

As always, we are interested in hearing from you.  Do you have a story to share?  Would you like to see a particular feature?  Please let us know.