Scan-to-Alfresco technology options

Product Description
Acxio AGIA : ACXIO Generic Injector for Alfresco
ChronoScan We offer a full featured Scan & Index solution with OCR and Barcode Read, PDF Text Output, it’s free with nag screen and 130USD to buy, it can direct export to Alfresco through CMIS protocol
Corium Corium is dedicated to building and providing you with the best solutions for your data capture, document management and content management business requirements. Corium developed “Librex Capture”, a tool that allows you to capture all your content in a simple, unified and structured way, whether you have to scan paper documents, capture emails, faxes or import electronic documents automatically or manually. Also, Librex performance tools allow you to automate your content metadata extraction (OCR, Barcode, Data lookup). Its smart connectors allow you to transfer your documents to various systems in a structured way and following your business rules for automatic classification. Librex offers a smart connector to Alfresco. For more information, see
Ephesoft If you want to do serious recognition or classification, separation, and metadata extraction of data similar to the big players (Captiva, Kofax, Readsoft), You should check Ephesoft. There’s a free community version and an enterprise one with commercial OCR and other benefits including full support. There’s no click charges and it’s all browser-based written in JAVA. It exports to XML or to any CMIS compatible system like Alfresco. A lot of power for no initial outlay–just the support payment.
Ezescan Ezescan is the ideal scalable scanning solution. The Product has had many years of integration with other DM systems, there are about 800+ sites accross the globe using the solution for various things like general correspondence, ad-hoc scanning, invoices & forms. You can scan as many documents as you like, all without a per page click charge. The Product will OCR, ICR, BCR, IDR depending on which modules you choose and best of all, its just been released for Alfresco. You can also upload to other line of business systems at the same time as well, scan once, upload multiple times.
InstaCapture Quikcapture™ is a feature rich batch capture product designed to capture and transform high volumes of paper documents into text-searchable electronic documents.  With a rich feature set to streamline and automate the document capture process, it enables organizations to rapidly transform paper assets into actionable knowledge assets.  It offers compelling features to completely automate the capture process with automatic indexing, automatic document recognition (ADR), zonal OCR, full-text search and searchable PDF’s. Quikcapture™ is effective both as a standalone document capture solution and a distributed capture solution for your existing document management systems; it offers readily configurable connectors to FileNet, Alfresco, SharePoint and DB2 Content Manager.
IP-TECH It depends on how many papers to scan.. for unit scanning, we use a connector that sends the document to Alfresco with an option to include its metadata (by the way, we adapted the connector to work on ScanSnap scanners as a ScanSnap Manager’s custom profile).
IRIS IRISPowerscan™ will identify and separate the scanned documents automatically through barcodes, patch codes, text detection, or even document layout alone! Once their type is known, documents can be indexed by extracting key data for further processing—High-Speed-Scanning-Software.aspx
Kodak Capture Pro Convert forms, invoices, patient records and other critical business documents to high-quality images quickly and efficiently. Capture critical index data and automatically deliver it to databases and applications. Get powerful, flexible batch capture functionality in desktop to high-volume production capture environments.
Kofax Integrating Kofax and Alfresco provides complete Content Management support including capture, management and publishing of Content. Kofax captures content from all kinds of sources usually via scanning & OCR. The captured information is then “released” to Alfresco, for it to be managed in an ad-hoc manner or via pre-defined business processes.
Micro Strategies MSI Profiler for Alfresco is a powerful, flexible, and easy to use application developed to place robust indexing and scanning management features into the hands of users with intuitive interfaces. The latest version of MSI Profiler represents a next generation release of a product that has continually evolved over the past five years in response to user feedback and specific industry requirements.
Scanpoint Documalis is a functional complement to the major documental projects, providing solutions to capture faxes and paper documents, indexing via Automatic Document Recognition-Automatic Document Content Reading, OCR and PDF conversion, digital sign and workflow for outsourced Alfresco, Filenet, Nuxeo , MS SharePoint …
Zia Consulting Inc The solution we use for data entry and release is something we created called Fresh Capture ( It allows users to browse a directory for PDFs (soon to be compatible with other formats), preview the document, select the document type, enter meta and release to the repo. This is an Air app and CMIS.