High-Volume Scanning and Conversion with WebDAV upload for Box

Use Case:  You are an organization that has been in business for a few years.  A strategic decision has been made by the organization that instead of maintaining your own internal technical infrastructure with costly procurement costs, expensive maintenance and difficulty to keep on top of security issues, you just want to sign-up for Box Enterprise and focus on your businesses priorities instead of technical infrastructure maintenance.  However, over the years you have acquired and are storing paper documents in file drawers and cabinets which makes these documents difficult to share, hard to find (or impossible if misfiled or someone else has the physical document) and poses a security risk because you cannot adequately apply security policy to the documents.

Features Benefits
  • Reduce technical complexity
  • Extremely easy user operation
  • Automatic folder structure creation and standard file naming conventions
  • Simple to configure in minutes
  • Encourages high adoption rate among users
  • Enables openness and compatibility among different business systems

Solution Description:   As much as we would like to have all information begin as electronic content, the fact of the matter is that legacy paper persists and all content is not ‘born electronic’.  When we want to convert, and then archive, a large volume of paper documents then we will want to use a high-speed production document scanner in conjunction with utilizing OCR technology to create fully Searchable PDF files and then store them in Box.  Your solution is to utilize WebDAV which is one of the easiest methods of exchanging content between systems over the internet.  It’s basically like a mapped drive for those familiar with the concept; and Box supports this method of integration.

System Requirements:

Note:  This is about the easiest method for transferring files to Box that can possibly exist.  The solution allows a user to scan a large batch of paper documents, process them with recognition technology and then upload via a mapped-drive method.  Box is simply a shared drive and, therefore it’s easily accessible from any internet connected device that can map drives via the cloud.

  1. Box account
  2. Internet connection
  3. ABBYY FineReader for full-text and file conversion or ABBYY FlexiCapture for forms processing data capture


Configuration Steps (Complexity = Simple):

  1. From the computer in which ABBYY software was installed go to My Computer and right-click, then select Map network drive…
  2. In the Map network drive dialog box choose an open drive letter for your mapped Drive then input ‘https://www.box.com/DAV’ as the Folder.  Also, check the ‘Reconnect at logon’ if you would like to have this drive available whenever the user logs on to the computer
  3. It might take a few moments while Attempting to connect to Box via WebDAV
  4. When prompted for Windows Security login credentials, simply use your existing Box Username and Password
  5. You will now be logged into your Box account via a mapped drive
  6. Now you will want to configure your ABBYY software application to Export Destinations to this Box WebDAV location.  Go to your ABBYY Export Settings and Add… a new location
  7.  Within the Export Destination Wizard you can select the Type of export, choose Export to data files and check the Save document images option
  8. Configure the Export Path to be your Box WebDAV folder location and construct the output folder and filenaming convention however you wish.  You will note the is tremendous flexibility in the options available to you


User operation (Complexity = Easy):

  1. Start your scanning software application
  2. Select the scanner you wish to use and Scan Pages
  3. Scan a batch of documents, verify the extracted results and then save to your Box WebDAV folder
  4. The resulting automatically created folders and files based on Automatic Data Capture extraction technology will be immediately available within Box


Associated screen prints on this solution:

  1. My Computer, right-click to Map network drive…

  1. Map Network Drive
  1. Attempting to connect…

  1. Windows Security

  1. Box WebDAV successful

  1. Add Export Destination

7. Export Destination Wizard

    8. Filenaming conventions


User Experience:

  1. Start scanning application

  1. Scan Pages

  1. Scan a Batch

  1. Folder and Filename results available immediately in Box

What do you think?  Does WebDAV help make collaboration easier?  This is just one way to accomplish tasks so we would love to hear from you.  Make a comment, join our notification lists or check back soon for updates.